Careers at the University of Birmingham

Welcome to Careers at the University of Birmingham. This guide will help you understand career paths, development opportunities and support available to you to at the University of Birmingham.


Your ambitions are our ambitions

The University has an ambitious yet achievable plan to raise the academic performance of the University by growing research activity and increasing our student and staff numbers over the next decade. It provides clear and challenging goals, charting a course for balanced growth led by our excellence in research and teaching, underpinned by financial sustainability.

We aim to provide a culture that stimulates, nurtures, engenders drive, confidence and ambition. 

Planning your career at the University of Birmingham

As this guide shows there is no one right way to develop your career.  It involves many options and choices.  It will help you to plan your career, consider the varying opportunities there are to develop your career and to think about how developing skills will assist you.  In addition we have an online canvas module on Career Planning – please see the resources section at the end of this guide.

We would like to thank Imperial College London for their kind permission to use elements from their Career Moves document to inform the development of this guide. All credit for the photography within the guide goes to

No "one size fits all"

There is no “one size fits all” approach to developing your career, and many factors can play a part, some that are in your control and some that are not.

These include:

Number1A role being available at the right time/or the opportunity to develop in your current role;

Number2Outperforming the competition;

Number3Knowing about, and being open to, new opportunities;

Number4Choosing a role that is right for now and for your long term aspirations;

Number5Being and feeling “ready” for the challenge;

Number6Having the right balance of knowledge, experience and behaviours for the role;

Number7Having the right skills in your toolkit to match the opportunity.

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