Professional Services - generic job descriptions

On these pages you will find generic job descriptions for bands 200-500 and grades 6-7. 

The generic job descriptions shown below are available to help both individual staff members and also managers.

You may use these job descriptions to see where you can develop skills, knowledge and experience which will help you in your existing role but also in thinking about your next career move.

Managers can use them for recruitment and selection purposes.  They can also use them when conducting Performance and Development Reviews for staff to help them discuss and identify how they can assist their staff in developing skills, knowledge and experience.

More jobs will be added as they are developed.

Manager guidance is available on the use of these job descriptions and should be read prior to using them.  Further guidance for managers is available in the Recruitment Toolkit.

In addition to reviewing the generic job descriptions you may find it useful to access the resources we have to help you develop your career

Career development resources

Guidance including advice on making your next job move and how to plan your career, as well as access to training to help with job applications and performing well at interviews. Access here

The Birmingham Professional Programme

The Birmingham Professional programme is for everyone who works in Professional Services, irrespective of grade, where you are located in the University, or your role. The programme helps you to be confident and perform to the highest standard in your current role, encourages you to improve your knowledge and skills, and supports you when you want to advance your career. Access here



Professional Services