Calculating annual leave

It can sometimes be complicated to work out holiday entitlement for part-time or term-time only staff.

Part-time staff who work five days per week all year round have the same holiday entitlement as full time staff.

The formula for working out the holiday entitlement of part-time staff who work all year round but fewer than five days a week is as follows: 
Number of days worked per week / 5 (days in the week) x 25 (full holiday entitlement)

For example, a member of staff working 3 days a week would be entitled to 3 / 5 x 25 = 15 days holiday.

The University also employs some staff who are contracted to work for six days a week all year round; their holiday entitlement is worked out similarly, i.e. 6 / 5 x 25 = 30 days holiday.

Part-time and term-time only staff are paid pro rata for public holidays and University closed days. In case of doubt, please contact HR via HR Service Portal

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