Time off for trade union duties

The University recognises the following unions for the purposes of collective consultation and negotiation.

for academic and related staff:

  • University and College Union (UCU)

for support staff:

  • Unison
  • Unite   
  • GMB   

An employee who is an official of one of these trade unions must be allowed reasonable time off during working hours to carry out duties and activities.

An “official” is defined as a member of staff who has been elected or appointed in accordance with the rules of the union to be a representative, including safety representatives and union learning representatives.

Trade union duties, for which ‘reasonable’ paid time off is given, are defined as negotiations with the University about matters for which the union is recognised by the University for purposes of negotiation, and such other functions on behalf of the University’s employees which the University has agreed the union may perform.  This includes time to prepare materials for negotiation and bargaining; duties relating to disciplinary and grievance cases; and time for training.

Trade union activities, for which ‘reasonable’ unpaid time off should be allowed, include branch, area or regional meetings of the union; meetings of official policy making bodies such as the national executive committee or annual conference; meetings with full time officials of the trade union to discuss issues of relevance to the workplace.

Officials should give as much notice as possible in requesting time off.


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