The provision of short term developmental opportunities within the University both for our student body and for the communities in which we operate serve to support our aims of achieving an enhanced student experience and improved employability as well as meeting our ambitions as an engaged university.

The Management Guidance on Internships and short term career development opportunities provides a checklist and framework for University of Birmingham managers looking to provide internships or career development opportunities primarily to students and recently graduated students, but it can also be applied to other individuals from outside the University such as sixth formers seeking university experience.

In providing these opportunities the following overarching principles should always apply:

  • The University is committed to providing meaningful and structured career development experiences to its students, graduates and others wherever possible. Therefore careful consideration of the most appropriate arrangement should be given when planning such an opportunity, taking close account of the attached checklists and framework.
  • Anyone engaged by the University to undertake work including interns (see definitions below) will be paid at an appropriate rate
  • The appropriate rate is at least the minimum increment step of the salary range for the grade of the role. In the case of internships the rate of pay would normally be at the minimum increment step of the salary range.
  • All internships within the University of Birmingham should be governed by an internship agreement which will outline the terms and duration of the placement (see Appendix 2).
  • Internship opportunities should normally be available to University of Birmingham students first. Only in instances where a placement is not achieved here can external advertising of the opportunity be contemplated. A suggested brief advertising template is attached for guidance (Appendix 1).

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Management Guidance on Internships and short term career opportunities


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