Policy Affirmation System

The Policy Affirmation System has been implemented for staff to be able to access University policies easily. The system will also allow the University to keep track of who has seen the policy and confirmed they are aware of it.

To access the list of policies assigned to you and provide your confirmation of awareness, please use the following link. It may ask you for login details and you should provide your normal ADF login and password if requested.            

Access the Policy Affirmation System 



The link above will open the PAS system in a new window. The layout of this screen presents the policies that have been assigned to you as a list going down the page with the most recent at the top.

Alongside each policy are several columns which contain information about when the policy was sent, when it needs to be responded to, when it was responded to and contact details for the policy and HR. At the end of each row is a button labelled 'View' which can be selected and clicked to open the specific policy. By default, this will open in the same tab or browser window.

At the bottom of the main list of policies is some advice text (it is not clickable), on right hand side of the page and reads as follows:

'Click the view button to see each policy.
By clicking on the view button you will be able to read the policy. At the end you will be asked to confirm your awareness of that policy.'

At high magnifications, these items may not easy to locate. This section is to help staff know how to use PAS and navigate the screen. 

Why have I received this email?

This email is being sent to you as part of the Policy Affirmation Project within the University of Birmingham. All employees of the University are employed in accordance with their Terms and Conditions which can be found on the HR website. The Statutes of the University and Terms and Conditions confirm that as employees we are subject to the codes and policies of the University.

Why is the University doing this?

Increasingly, external funding agencies want to know whether we have specific policies in place and that all staff are aware of them.

What do I have to do?

You should click on the link above, 'Access the Policy Affirmation System', where you will see a 'dashboard' of one or more policies which the University wishes to draw to your attention. You are asked to 'view' each policy and, at the end of the policy document you can confirm that you are aware of each policy listed.

How do I confirm I am aware of a policy?

When you click on the 'view' button in the dashboard, you will be re-directed to a web page that displays the policy which you can then browse. At the bottom of the screen, you are asked to click on a button to confirm your awareness of the policy. Once you have done so, a message will be displayed confirming this has been successful and the policy dashboard will be displayed again. From here you can proceed to another policy or log out.

What will happen to my response? 

The responses received will be stored in a central database. The information stored will consist of your username, email address, the policy sent, the policy version sent, date sent and the date you responded on (which will show as blank if you have not yet responded).

What happens if I don't respond?

Each time a policy link is sent out, a response deadline will be associated with it. Once that deadline expires, a report will be produced by the Policy Affirmation administrators to identify all those who have not responded. The policy will then be resent to those individuals with a new deadline. 

A report will also be generated to the head of the relevant budget centres indicating the level of confirmation within their areas.

How often will I receive these? 

The main request for confirmations will be sent out annually, normally in the first quarter of the calendar year. There may also be updates or new policies sent out throughout the rest of the year.

How many policies are involved? 

Currently, the following policies are in the system:

  • General Conditions of Use of Computing and Network Facilities
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
  • Plagiarism
  • Protocol on Conflicts of Interest
  • Code of Practice for Research
  • Information Security Policy
  • Code of Ethics
  • Fairness and Diversity Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Harassment and Bullying Policy

Who gets to see the information held? 

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, completion information in an aggregated form may be shared for management purposes within the University. There will be no external access to personal data of this type. 

Who should I contact with any queries?

If you have any questions in relation to the policy documents please contact the relevant email address for that specific policy, describing your question or issue. 

This address can be found on the user dashboard page (linked above via ‘Access the Policy Affirmation System’) and is listed next to each policy. The email contact can be different for each policy, so ensure you have the right one.

If you have any questions in connection with the email you received or the Policy Affirmation Project in general please contact PolicyAdmin@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Will it work on my machine?

The Policy Affirmation system works with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or higher and the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. 

Using Internet Explorer 8 or higher as your default will also allow you to be automatically signed in (Single Sign On). 

Firefox and Chrome will also work but may require you to login with your ADF username and password. If this is the case then a small popup window will display with a title of 'collaborate.bham.ac.uk' requesting username and password. At no point will a web page ask for your details. 

If you are unsure what browser version you have, or if you cannot access the system with your browser please contact the IT Service Desk.

If you have any problems accessing the system please get in touch with the IT service desk.

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