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On 1 April 2015 a new NHS Pension Scheme will be introduced. This new Scheme will have a Normal Pension Age (NPA) that is the same as the individual’s State Pension Age (SPA). Current 1995 Section members who will automatically join the 2015 NHS Pension Scheme will therefore have a higher NPA.

Due to these changes in NPA it was agreed by the Department of Health and the NHS Trade Unions that 1995 Section members who will join the 2015 Scheme on or after the 1 April 2015 will receive another opportunity to move their 1995 Section membership into the 2008 Section. This is called Choice 2. 

How will I know I am eligible for Choice 2?

A letter will be sent, via employers, to all members eligible to make a choice under Choice 2. If you do not receive anything from NHS Pensions regarding Choice 2 please refer to the FAQs to help you understand why you are not eligible for Choice 2.  

If you feel that you should have received a letter and have not, please contact the University of Birmingham’s pension office in order to check whether you are on the list for eligible staff.

If you have received a letter from NHS Pensions the following section provides you with additional information to support your Choice 2 decision.You are strongly advised to read the information relevant to you before making your decision as your decision cannot be changed once made.

What is Choice 2?

You have received a letter because you have been identified as someone who could benefit from moving your 1995 Section benefits to the 2008 Section of the current Scheme. Whether you would or not will depend on the age when you retire and draw your benefits and whether you remain in NHS employment until then. Only you can know what your plans are.

You may recall a few years ago that you were offered an opportunity under the original Choice exercise to decide whether to stay in the 1995 Section or to move your benefits to the 2008 Section. You are now being given a further opportunity to move your benefits under this Choice exercise because things are changing which might affect your plans and what is best for you.

The following information is intended to help you make your choice, explain how to make your choice and advise where to go for support.

The following factsheets have been provided to help you make your choice. We strongly advise you to read them before making a decision.  You may in particular want to refer to the Choice 2 Additional Information, the Decision Tree and 2015 Scheme information factsheets.

The NHS pension scheme has put together some FAQs that you may find useful.

Further help

If you wish to contact NHS Pensions about Choice 2 they have established a dedicated help line, 0300 123 1601, to answer any questions you might have. The opening times are 8:00-18:00 Monday to Friday, calls will be charged at local rates.

They have also provided an email account for Choice 2nhsbsa.choice2members@nhs.net

The NHS Pension Scheme has also provided a Choice 2 calculator which can be accessed below.

Note for IFAs

The information on the Choice 2 web pages provides a thorough description of the exercise and documents the various considerations that members should take into account when making their choice.

The decision as to whether Choice 2 is beneficial or not to an individual, is completely based on their own personal circumstances and future retirement intentions.

IFAs should use the information provided on this site when discussing Choice 2 with their clients to help explain what the Choice is and what factors are important in making the right decision for that individual.

NHS Pensions is not authorised to provide financial advice to scheme members. However, they have provided answers to a number of questions in our Member FAQs. If you have any additional questions to these then please feel free to email NHS on nhsbsa.choice2employers@nhs.net and they will update their website and provide you with a response.

Choice 2 Disclaimer

The information provided on the Choice 2 web pages are designed and produced by NHS Pensions in partnership with the Department of Health, NHS Employers and NHS Trade Unions. It represents the interpretation of the NHS Pension Scheme Regulations as at September 2014 by those parties mentioned previously and should not be treated as a complete and authorative statement of law.

Readers may wish, or will need, to take their own legal advice on the interpretation of any particular piece of legislation.

No responsibility whatsoever will be assumed by the parties mentioned previously for any direct or consequence loss financial or otherwise, damage or inconvenience, or any other obligation or liability incurred by readers relying on information contained on this web-site, although , every effort was undertaken to ensure that the information contained was correct at the time of publication.

The 2015 NHS Pension Scheme is still subject to Parliamentary Approval.

This section contains important information about Choice 2. We encourage all members to read it before making a decision.


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