NHS Pension

Scheme 1995 members only

The Scheme is an important and valuable staff benefit for people working in the NHS. As a member, you get an excellent package of pension benefits, fully protected against inflation and guaranteed by the government.

Most informed opinion recognises that people will nearly always be better off if they belong to their employer's occupational pension scheme. The Scheme has the full support of NHS Trade Unions and professional bodies. 

What does the Scheme provide?

  • A retirement pension based on 1/80 of your pay at retirement for each year of Scheme membership.
  • A tax free lump sum on retirement equal to 3 times pension.
  • Life assurance of 2 years' pay while you are working.
  • Pensions and allowances for your husband or wife and children if you die.
    Benefits if you have to retire because of ill-health after 2 years' membership - improved benefits after 5 years' membership.
  • Improved benefits if you are made redundant at or after age 50

For further information - please go to the NHS Pension Scheme website


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