Joining details

Congratulations on receiving an offer of employement at the University of Birmingham. There are now just a few formalities that you need to complete before you start in post.

Along with your offer letter, you will receive details on what you should do next to officially join the University staff.

In brief, you will be asked to:

  • Sign and return a copy of your offer letter, thus signifying your acceptance of the post on the terms and conditions set out in it
  • Provide original evidence that you are legally able to work in the UK
  • Provide personal information e.g. next of kin, bank details. This can be done through our on-line e-recruitment system or on a paper version if you did not apply on-line.

You will be invited to attend a ‘joining meeting’ with a named HR Adviser in your first week of work. This enables all of the administrative tasks to do with your employment to be sorted out as quickly as possible.This includes the arrangements for you to be paid and access all the University’s facilities. Please bring to the joining meeting your original certificates for any qualifications relevant to the post.

Please now visit the induction pages to find out more about what will happen during your induction into the University.

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