Health and Safety Co-ordinators Development Programme


On completion of the programme you should:

  • Have an awareness of the health and safety legislation applying to the University.
  • Understand the University's policy on management of health and safety at University and College/Corporate Services level.
  • Be able to identify common hazards and be able to carry out risk assessment, inspections and accident investigations.


The programme consists of four half day modules (see below)

Handouts will be available (see below)

Documents referred to are listed (see below)

Notices and forms referred to are listed (see below)

The programme covers general health and safety issues. At the conclusion there will be a chance for each participant to discuss with the Health and Safety Unit staff any further training or support that they might need.

Module 1

  • Introduction
  • Objectives of the course
  • Introduction to health and safety
  • Health and safety law
  • Role of the enforcing authorities
  • The University's health and safety arrangements

Module 2

  • College/Corporate Service's health and safety arrangements
  • Hazard and risk
  • Inspections
  • Information and standards

Module 3

  • Risk assessment
  • General health and safety issues
  • Electrical safety
  • Fire safety
  • First aid arrangements
  • Emergency arrangements

Module 4

  • Accident procedure and investigation
  • Ergonomics including workstation design and VDUs
  • Stress
  • Other subjects attendees want more information on
  • What next?

Course handouts (2014 course)

Module 1 (PDF 2.3MB)

Module 2 (PDF 1.7MB)

Module 3 (PDF 1.9MB)

Module 4 (PDF  0.7MB)


Notices and forms

A-Z of topics

Contacts for advice