HAZDAT is the University's networked hazardous substances database for chemical hazards.

HAZDAT is regularly updated. For example, it is kept up to date with the revisions to statutory substance hazard classifications introduced by the latest CHIP regulations and it has been updated with changes to Workplace Exposure Limits published recently by the Health and Safety Executive.

HAZDAT also identifies substances that are reportable under legislation such as the COSHH regulations, the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act.

HAZDAT Data can be copied and pasted from HAZDAT into any other application and paper datasheets can be printed.

HAZDAT is accessed via the Citrix Web interface from any computer that has a valid client certificate / ICA client and using your University ADF username and password.

If you have any queries about HAZDAT please email Dean Cross 

For more information about CITRIX please contact Information Services.

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