Hazardous Substances Model Risk Assessments

Model risk assessments for activities using hazardous substances

A chemical hazard and risk assessment IS NOT:

  • a list of the hazards of a substance;
  • a collection of substance safety data sheets.

Risks to health and safety arise mainly from the activity or way in which substances are used, kept or produced - risk does NOT arise simply from the substances alone.

A fuller explanation of what is meant by chemical hazard and risk assessment is given in the Health and Safety Guidance document Chemical Hazard and Risk Assessment (PDF 91KB).

Detailed guidance on how to complete the form is also included in the Chemical Hazard and Risk Assesment pro forma (MS WORD 86KB)

Look at the following model assessments to see how to plan/structure an assessment and for examples of what is involved in the various stages of an assessment.

Formalin fixation of dental materials -Dentistry (PDF 48KB)

Preparation of acyl ferrocene derivitive -Chemistry (PDF 72KB)

Preparation of microcapsules -Chemical Engineering (PDF 66KB)

Preparation of polymer solution -Chemical Engineering (PDF 58KB)

Refill of portable CG hydrogen tank -Health and Safety Unit (PDF 62KB)

Sand mould production in a foundry -Metallurgy and Materials (PDF 62KB)

Storage of highly flammable liquids in laboratories -General (PDF 53KB)

Western blotting -Cancer Studies (PDF 78KB)

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