Hazardous Substances

The purpose of this page is to bring together the relevant University Health and Safety Policies and Guidance and other supporting information on chemical hazards and precautions for hazardous substances that do not present radiation or biological hazards.

COSHH Policy

Hazard and Risk Assessment


Chemical hazard and risk assessment -University guidance on carrying out a combined COSHH and DSEAR assessment (PDF 91KB)

Chemical hazard and risk assessment form and guidance on completing the form (MS WORD 913KB)

Model assessments -how to do assessments for various activities

Good Chemical Practice

Good chemical practice -basic precautions (PDF 88KB)

Criteria for enhanced good chemical practice (PDF 33KB)

Chemical Carcinogens amd Mutagens -enhanced good chemical practice (PDF 93KB)

(More information about carcinogens and mutagens) 

Cyanides -enhanced good chemical practice (PDF 63KB)

Hydrogen Fluoride and Hydrofluoric Acid -enhanced good chemical practice (PDF 41KB)

Phenol -enhanced good chemical practice (PDF 76KB)

Peroxidisable Substances -enhanced good chemical practice (PDF 61KB) 

Cryogenic Liquids -enhanced good chemical chemical practice (PDF 95KB)

Pyrophoric Substances -enhanced good chemical practice (PDF 456KB)

First Aid

Chemical contacts -first aid procedures (PDF 22KB)

Labelling and Classification

Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulations (CLP) -guidance (PDF 343KB) 


Spillages, Uncontrolled Releases amd other Emergencies Involving Hazardous Substances -University policy (PDF 52KB)

Spill Procedure (PDF 24 KB)


Arrangements for the Keeping and Storage of Hazardous Substances -University policy (PDF 148KB)

Reportable Substances

Substances reportable to Occupational Health

Notification of Use Purchase of Reportable Substance


Carriage of Hazardous Substances by Road -University policy (PDF 84KB)

Dangerous goods list (PDF 703KB)

Transfer of Hazardous Substances Between Buildings -University policy (PDF 110KB)

Transfer request form (PDF 136KB)

Carriage of liquid nitrogen by road -model assessment (PDF 37KB)


Waste Disposal: Hazardous Waste -University policy (PDF 171KB)

Hazardous Waste: Guidance on assessment (PDF 150KB)Waste codes (PDF 15KB)

Disposal of waste solvents (PDF 59KB)

Request for hazardous waste disposal form (MS WORD 494KB)

More about waste

Codes for hazardous waste

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