Asbestos was used extensively in the UK in building construction before 2000. Its usage began to decline in the 1970s and its use in new construction was prohibited by 2000.

Departmental equipment may also have materials that contain asbestos.

Given the range of ages of its premises and activities, there are many locations at the University where there are asbestos containing materials. These locations must be managed to ensure they remain safe. The Asbestos Policy provides the core principles and responsibilities for achieving this.

Asbestos Policy (PDF 120KB)

Information about asbestos (PDF 37KB)

Post year 2000 buildings (PDF 20KB) -these are building that have been built since the use of asbestos was prohibited (up to 2010)

Asbestos awareness briefing (741 KB) -copy of a presentation given across the University to raise awareness of asbestos

Asbestos labelling requirements (22KB) -including how asbestos is labelled at the University 

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