Work Equipment

Equipment provided for use at work is very varied and the risks to health and safety associated with the use of equipment can range from minimal to very high depending on the type of equipment and how and where it is used.

Equipment Provided for Use at Work -University guidance (PDF 120KB) (also available in MS WORD 120KB). Gives guidance on the selection, use and maintenance of equipment and also on the construction/supply of equipment at the University.

Procuring New Equipment (PDF 121KB) (also available in MS WORD 24KB) should be used in conjunction with the above guidance. This document helps address the following issues before purchasing or otherwise obtaining new equipment:

  • Ensuring that the equipment complies with all regulatory and statutory requirements (includingCE Marking, etc.).
  • Identification of  the services and location requirements (e.g. electrical supply required, water supply, specialist gases, monitoring systems, etc.).
  • How the equipment will be safely operated (risk assessment and training provisions).

Statutory Inspection, Examination and/or Testing of Specified Equipment -University policy (PDF 100KB)

For certain pieces of equipment there is a statutory requirement for periodic inspection and/or testing.  It applies to pressure systems, lifting equipment, power presses stamping out cold metal, local exhaust ventilation and radiation monitors.

Arrangements for the Statutory Inspection, Examination and/or Testing of Specified Work Equipment (PDF 187KB)

Estates work with Departments to carry out statutory inspections, examinations and testing.

Ladders and stepladders are covered under Working at Height

Pressure and vacuum systems (PDF 29KB) - information on hazards and precautions for laboratory high pressure and vacuum systems

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