Lone Working including Out of Hours Working and Unattended Equipment

Out of Hours Activities and Lone Working
It is inevitable that at certain times staff, students and visitors will find themselves working alone and/or out of hours. This may because of the time of day or year e.g out of term time, the location of the work, e.g. an individual office, a remote building or location or off campus or the nature of the work, e.g. maintenance, horticulture or security.

Apart from some specific work activities, e.g. working on live electrical equipment, diving, carrying explosives in vehicles and fumigation work, there are no specific regulations prohibiting lone working. Lone working is required to be considered in the overall risk assessment for a particular activity. If a significant risk is identified then suitable control measures should be put in place to reduce the risks to an acceptable level. If the risk is significantly high the control measure may be to prohibit lone working.

It is up to managers and supervisors to determine if out of hours or lone working is premissible and the control measures that should be in place.

Unattended Apparatus and Equipment
Similarly there may be risks from running unattended equipment and apparatus.  Again managers and supervisors need to determine if it is permissible to run the equipment and apparatus unattended and the controls that should be in place.

The following University Guidance should be followed.

Out of Hours Activities and Lone Working (PDF 62KB) 

Unattended Apparatus and Equipment (PDF 24KB)  

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