Travelling and Working Off Campus

This page gives information on travelling, fieldwork, student placements, commmunity visits and home working.

Travelling abroad

Travelling and Working Abroad -University guidance (PDF 88KB)
(also available as  MS WORD 336KB)

University's insurance arrangements 

Travel Insurance

Foreign and Commonwealth Office -travel information

National Travel Health Network and Centre -vaccination information


Rules and Guidance for the Safe Conduct of Fieldwork, Expeditions and Outdoor Activities  -University guidance (PDF 221KB)

Community visits

Staff and students in certain Budget Centres have to make 'community' visits as part of their research. Usually this will be to a person's home but it could also be elsewhere. The people being visited may be well and co-operative but they could be unwell and mentally unstable.

Personal Safety is of paramount importance. The University Health and Safety Policy states that Heads of Budget Centres are responsible for ensuring that all risks to their staff and students are properly identified and controlled, including activities away from University premises.

Community Visits -University guidance (PDF 56KB)

Code of Practice for the Safety of Social Researchers -Social Research Association (PDF 68KB)

Student placements

Guidance on the Placement of Higher Education Students -UCEA guidance (516 KB) 

Code of Practice on Placement Learning (PDF 225KB)

Home working

University Policy requires the University to make arrangements to ensure the health and safety of its staff when carrying out work on behalf of the University. This includes when they carry out University work at home.

For practical reasons the University cannot check individual's homes and reliance is placed on the individual to assess their own workstation and other working arrangements to ensure that they are working in a healthy and safe manner. The University has produced guidance will help them do this.

Whilst the University does not have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of students whilst studying in their own homes it is good practice for them also to follow this guidance.

This guidance covers office/desk based University work at home and is guidance is primarily aimed at those who spend a considerable amount of time working at home. Those who work at home occasionally should also follow the guidance, as far as practicable.

Home Working -University guidance (PDF 89KB)

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