Personal Protective Equpment including Respiratory Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment may be needed in addition to all other control measures if the combination of all control measures fails to achieve adequate control of risks to health and safety.

Personal protective equipment includes gloves, respirators, eye protectors, helmets, harnesses and other items of personal clothing.

In addition to the work being done, materials used and also fit requirements for the individual user, the selection of personal protective equipment also must take into account the variation of performance according to type and individual specification. In specific cases there are statutory requirements for personal fit testing and regular maintenance and performance testing.

These documents set out Policy and requirements for the selection, use and maintenance and further supportive information and guidance for items of personal protective equipment in common use 

Personal Protective Equipment -University policy (PDF 141KB)

Respiratory protective equipment -information (PDF 51KB)

Fit testing of face pieces -information (PDF 342KB)

Do I have to wear safety footwear? (PDF 10KB)

Eye protection -guidance on choosing correct type (PDF 34KB)

Glove resistance rating -information (PDF 17KB)

Glove performance standards for work with chemicals -information (PDF 38KB)

Latex allergy and how to avoid it when wearing gloves -information (PDF 21KB)

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