Risk Assessment

The process of risk assessment involves:

  • identifying what can go wrong in a work activity and what harm might result - the HAZARD
  • estimating the likelihood of the event happening the RISK
  • deciding what to do to prevent the identified harmful event or what controls are needed to keep the potential consequences to an acceptable minimum - the CONTROL MEASURES

There is a general statutory requirement to carry out risk assessments for all work activities. There are further statutory requirements to carry out risk assessments for work activities that present specific risks.

The University Health and Safety Policy requires Heads of Budget Centres to ensure that risk assessments are carried out for all activities under their control.

Guidance is available to provide practical advice to assist those responsible for carrying out risk assessments.

When is a risk assessment required and when does it need to be written? (PDF 24KB)

General risk assessment guidance -University guidance (PDF 124KB)

Checklist for reviewing risk assessments (PDF 64KB)

Risk assessment template for offices (PDF 58KB)

Risk assessment template for workshops (PDF 125KB)

Risk assessment template for laboratories (PDF 146KB)


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