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Welcome to the University.  On this page you will find information about what facilities are available to you and what is expected for you while you are working at the University.


Terms and conditions



Provisions for pregnant workers and new mothers


During your time at the University, you are expected to adhere to the below basic principles/requests:

  1. Treat all with dignity and respect – the University requires all members of the University community, including agency workers, to treat each other with dignity and respect.  Should you feel that this is not happening, you should raise your concerns with your Agency Provider.  Alternatively, where there is an allegation that you have failed to treat others with dignity and respect, this will be investigated and where appropriate your engagement with the University terminated.
  2. Adhere to the Harassment and bullying policy
  3. Comply with health and safety requirements outlined in the University's Health and Safety Policy – we all have a duty under the law to work safely and not to do anything which would make things unsafe for either ourselves or others. As such, as part of your engagement with the University you are required to co-operate over matters of health and safety.
  4. Retain confidentiality – when dealing with confidential information make sure that this is not disclosed to any unauthorised persons.
  5. No Smoking  – the University does not permit smoking within any of its premises or vehicles; should you wish to smoke you should do so well outside the building – not next to the front or side doors.
  6. Report all Absences to your Agency – in addition if you are pregnant, you should advise your agency provider and your University manager of this, so that appropriate support in attending any ante-natal or medical appointments can be offered and a risk assessment undertaken.
  7. Carry your University ID Card  – (if allocated one) with you at all times when at the University, and return it to your University manager at the end of your engagement. This will only be activated for the period of your engagement.  If you need an ID card, please visit the ID cards page.
  8. Use of IT facilities – please refer to theUniversity’s IT policies and codes of practice for information in relation to the use of these facilities.

Terms and conditions

These will be as defined by your agency provider. However, should you attain a 12-week qualifying period at the University, your agency provider will be responsible for ensuring that you receive additional entitlements to give you some of the basic terms and conditions that you would have received if recruited directly to the University.

Addressing any concerns/queries

Should you attain the 12-week qualifying period and have any concerns or queries in relation to your terms and conditions, these should be raised informally with your Agency Provider in the first instance. They will then liaise with the University and/or your University manager as appropriate, in order to provide a response. Should you remain dissatisfied, you may wish to put your concerns/queries in writing to your Agency Provider who in turn will respond within 28 days of receipt. If you still feel that the issue remains unresolved having received their written response, you may wish to contact us on 0121 415 8425.

Should your concerns/queries relate to your ability to access any of the University’s facilities, vacancy information or pregnancy provisions (detailed below), please speak with your University manager. Should you feel that your issue remains unresolved you may wish to put your concerns in writing to your University Manager, who in turn will provide a written response within 28 days.


The following provisions are available to you throughout your engagement with the University. To access some of the below provisions, if you do not hold an University ID Card, you may need to produce photographic identification and a letter from your University Manager confirming your agency placement with us.

If you would like hard copies of any of the information contained within any of the above web links, please ask your University manager.

Where a waiting list exists in relation to access for a given provision e.g. nursery places, you will have the opportunity to join the waiting list for the duration of your engagement. 

Vacancy Information

University vacancies information is available to all via our Jobs webpage

Our vacancies are occasionally advertised to internal staff only. When seeking details of any internal vacancies you will be required to show evidence of your current engagement with the University. You will be eligible for consideration for internal vacancies during your engagement. Should your engagement finish prior to the conclusion of the recruitment process you will unfortunately no longer be eligible for consideration for internal-only vacancy. If the vacancy is open to external applicants, you will continue to be considered for the vacancy regardless of the duration of your engagement.

Pregnant workers and new mother provisions

If you are pregnant you should notify both your Agency Provider and your university manager in writing. This is so that we can support you in attending any ante-natal or medical appointments. Where you do need to attend such appointments you may be requested to provide evidence of these.

If the nature of the assignment is such that a risk to Health and Safety is likely, it would also enable the University manager to undertake a new risk assessment. This may result in the implementation of reasonable adjustments to remove any identified risks. This would also apply to women who have given birth in the last six months or women who are breastfeeding.

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