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IT Service Desk

Please contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance if you have any IT service issues, problems or requests. You may get a more speedy reply than if you email individual members of staff.

Log a call 
Telephone: 0121 414 7171 
Visit: Main Library Information Centre

IT Leadership Team

Director of IT Services - Dr Sean Duffy 
Tel: 0121 414 5857

Deputy Director of IT Services - Daniel Lawrence
Tel: 0121 414 8249

Head of Application Services - Bruce Pearson 
Tel: 0121 414 5875

Head of Infrastructure Services - Rob Arnold 
Tel: 0121 414 4756

Chief Enterprise Architect - David Deighton
Tel: 0121 414 4748

Head of Project Office - Liz Simcox
Tel: 0121 414 8232

IT Lead, New Core - Adrian Hassell
Tel: 0121 414 2081

IT Operational Management Team

Includes the IT Leadership Team, plus the following:

Head of Applications Development - Chris Boshell
Tel: 0121 414 5874

Head of End User Services - To be confirmed

Head of Core Infrastructure - Nick Foley
Tel: 0121 414 3577

Head of Service Management - Ian Bowman
Tel: 0121 414 3611

Head of Research Support - John Owen 
Tel: 0121 414 6808

Other IT Services contacts

Deputy Head of Service Management - Cathie Dingwall 
Tel: 0121 414 7255 

Service Desk Manager - Nicola Dutton 
Tel: 0121 414 7171

IT Managers supporting colleges and departments

Information Security

IT Innovation 

IT Standards 

Project Office general contact 

Web content owner contacts

Web content in the University's main website, intranet and other online places is delegated across the University and is not all managed by IT Services. 

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