Faith Thomas
IT Service Introduction Specialist

Profile picture of Faith ThomasWhat did you study (at school, college or University)?

At school I was really into art. I loved drawing and painting with a passion. So logically I went on from school to study visual communication at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. My course involved graphic design, typography, photography and computer aided design, I loved it!

What do you do in IT Services?

I work in the Service Management team in Service Introduction – I am mainly involved in helping the teams working with new services to ensure that when it is released into the live environment, the users and the support teams have the information they need to use and support it. 

How did you get into technology?

After college, I worked in a graphic designers as a Mac Operator (Translating the designers drawings into a digital format for printing). I found using computers came naturally to me. I loved working there until the company was taken over and I was made redundant around the time I was pregnant with my first child. When I returned to work, I worked for Birmingham City Council and soon gravitated towards their IT department where I started work as a Service Desk Analyst. I really wanted to progress into desktop support but the opportunities never arose so I used my education to help improve the Service Desk’s training and support especially around user knowledge. When a role came up in Problem Management, I jumped at it and my career in Service Management began. 

What advice would you give to girls considering a technology related career?

Don’t be worried about getting into a male dominated industry. Be confident in your own skills and they will carry you were you need to be. And don’t be worried that it’s all just geeky men like the IT Crowd! There is a wide variety of people working in IT, business minded people, techies and customer service people. 

What advice would you give to women thinking of working in IT Services at UoB?

You might need to buy a Fez, they are kind of the uniform here! (Fezzes are cool).


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