Rai Furniss-Greasley
Desktop Support Technician

Profile picture of Rai Furniss GreasleyWhat did you study (at school, college or University)?

I studied Spanish, Psychology and Sociology at A2 Level and English Language at AS while I was in 6th Form.  I went on to start a BA in Modern Languages at UoB and graduated with a BA in Hispanic Studies.  I am currently studying for a MRes here at Birmingham.

What do you do in IT Services?

That seems to depend a lot on what day of the week it is, or what phase the moon is in!  As of writing, I am on secondment to End User Services (Professional Services Back Office team) until the end of November.  Before that I was working in End User Services (Universal Services team) from July 2018, and before that I was End User Services (Professional Services  Front Office team), and had a brief stint doing both roles. So I do a lot and it changes with the wind.

How did you get into technology?

My dad was very interested in computing and re-trained for a career change when I was young so that is where I assimilated much of my knowledge.  He bought us an Amstrad computer when I was 7 or 8 and later a DOS-based PC so it stemmed from there.  My brother and I both liked to play games on the computer and we both grew up to be gamers – and both work in IT!

What advice would you give to girls considering a technology related career?

Do it.  If you enjoy it, if you love it, if it interests you then go for it.  Don’t let anyone else tell you who you are or what you’re good at.  Technology will always be around in one form or another and as it changes there will be new things to investigate and be an expert on.

What advice would you give to women thinking of working in IT Services at UoB?

Be prepared; try new things; push for training; join in; and, join a union.  More generally, make sure to get comfortable with tooting your own horn: tell people about all the great things you’ve done and contributed, and how awesome you are.


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