Stella Poole, Head of Quality Assurance

Profile picture of Stella PooleWhat did you study (at school, college or University)?

I have a degree in Mass Communication; BCS certification in Business Analysis; PRINCE2 certification in Project Management; ISTQB certification in Software Testing and currently studying for a 2nd degree in Computing & IT. 

What do you do in IT Services?

I work as a Quality Assurance Manager and my primary responsibility is to manage and lead the QA team in planning and coordinating Quality Assurance programmess to assure that standards and procedures are established to ensure that all ITS releases meet the agreed standards of quality and fitness for purpose. This involves overseeing the design, execution and results analysis of the full range of Quality Assurance processes required for all projects and services within ITS. 

How did you get into technology?

I used to work in the travel industry but didn’t feel it was challenging enough. I wanted to work in an industry that was challenging and exciting, so I moved into the tech industry. The industry is always evolving meaning that there will always be exciting new advances in technology hence, there would always be something new to learn……. and I’m glad I made that move!

What advice would you give to girls considering a technology related career?

I feel that a career in tech is very liberating for a woman. You get to engage in many different fields without worrying about gender-related issues. In the techworld, it is the idea that counts not the gender. You won't know if you like it unless you try it, so ask to shadow someone for a day, do an internship at a tech company, or go do a hackathon or a Start-up Weekend.

What advice would you give to women thinking of working in IT Services at UoB?

UoB is a great place to work! It is an inclusive working environment where as women, we feel valued that our contribution matters and we are able to perform to our potential.


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