IT Services Design Authority Board

The remit of the DAB is to:

  • be a focused and action orientated group to discuss, advise and authorise proposed technical designs for new or significantly amended IT Services before Service Release/Transition activities start;
  • develop a blueprint for the overall IT service which informs Service Design, and supports delivery of Digital Strategy initiatives. Consider projects in the context of the end to end IT portfolio to highlight potential project or wider design issues at an earlier stage; and
  • promote and advise on the development of reusable frameworks and design patterns for use in Service design and Project Delivery that meet architectural, technical, supportability and compliance requirements.

With representation from all areas of IT Services, the Board sits within the wider IT Project Process:

IT Project Processes

The Design Authority meets fortnightly. Project teams present their proposals, scoping, planning and delivery phases to present and discuss designs with particular consideration of interactions and dependencies with other systems. 

DAB has Terms of Reference (ToR), however, as the Design Authority represents a change in approach, bringing well established practices together to take an overall view of the entire IT service, we expect to refine and adapt our ToR during the group’s first few months. Our goal is to establish the most effective framework.

Who should attend?

Project Office staff and Technical Leads are invited to attend the Design Authority as part of projects and significant technical upgrades.  Review of Gate documents as part of the existing project process will assess if Design Authority attendance or approval will be required. 

Over time, DAB will develop frameworks and design templates, providing a consistent set of supporting documents for projects to use in submissions to the Design Authority. The current expectation is that Project Office staff and Technical Leads will bring solution architectures, integration maps and any known issues or concerns for discussion.


Chair – Business Architect 

Adrian Hassell 

Deputy Chair – Service Design Manager 

Anthony Steer 

Deputy Chair – Technical Design Specialist 

Spencer Webb 

Applications Management 

Chris Broomfield 

Application Development 

Chris Boshell (or delegate) 

Business Partnering 

Tara Lamplough (or delegate) 

Storage & Virtualisation 

Ian McBride (or delegate) 

End User Services 

Nic Doran (or delegate) 

Quality Management 

Stella Poole 


Renyk de’Vandre 

Project Office 

Liz Simcox (or nominee) 

Security & Architecture 

Laurence Williams 

As required

Relevant Service Owners

Relevant Project Managers

Want to know more?

We invite your DAB questions, suggestions for improvement and feedback, which you can submit using this form.


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