On December 4th 2014, IT Innovation Centre and Ideas Lab hosted  the second Mobile Apps in Research Summit in  the University. This year’s Summit included some discussion-based workshop sessions, by popular demand, as well as presentations, panels and networking. 





Introduction to the Purpose and desired outcomes of the day - Professor John Heath (Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Birmingham)

Panel: Supporting apps in research – what UK universities need to do 

App-active academics and experts in the field showcase their recent apps and share their thoughts on how the sector can better harness the innovation and impact potential of apps in research. How can we win over senior management, and prove value to funders? What tips can we take from industry, and what lessons can we learn from our international colleagues?

Panel One


Lara Ratnaraja

Senior Research Facilitator 

Digital Humanities Hub

University of Birmingham


Emma Bee

My Volcano app

[presentation download]

Senior Spatial Analyst 

British Geological Survey


Chris Rider 

Pulse Point app

[presentation download]

Senior Technical Architect

Northern Kentucky University 


Mike Jone

Map Your Bristol app

[presentation download]

Senior Technical Researcher 

University of Bristol

@MrJ1971 / @knowyourbristol

Stewart Jordan

Peek app


Peek Vision


Workshop Sessions: delegates may attend either A or B 

Session A

Session A: When is an app the right thing for your research? [presentation download]


 Session B: Designing data gathering apps [presentation download]

Dr Sarah Norgate 

Walking Bus app

Senior Lecturer 

University of Salford


Dr Sandra Woolley

Allergi Sense app

Senior Lecturer 

University of Birmingham

Anthony O'Dowd

Cloud Technologist

IBM Blue Mix


Dr Max Little 


Aston University 

HopkinsPD app 


Dr Mirco Musolesi 

Senior Lecturer

University of Birmingham 



Workshop Sessions: delegates may attend either C or D 

Session C: Can research apps be commercialised?

[presentation download]

 Session D: Making an impact - evaluating your app in the real world[presentation download]

Dr Jonathan Catling

Stats Guru app

Cognitive Psychologist

University of Birmingham

Simon Price 

Assistant Director in R&D/ILRT

University of Bristol Nature Locator


Dr John Martin

Rate My View app

School of Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences University of Plymouth

Javier Elkin

Pocket Smile app

PhD student

Translational Cognitive Neuroscience 



Gerdus Byleveld

Ebola Care app

Managing Director

Journey Apps


Henry Chapman

Digiscapes app

Senior Lecturer in Archaeology and Visualisation 

University of Birmingham

Panel: The Future of Mobile Apps: Ubiquitous apps, appcessories, and the Internet of Things 

Apps are now being created for cars, for glasses, for clothing. It’s estimated that by 2020, somewhere between 26 million and 30 million devices will be part of the Internet of Things. This session demonstrates some of the ways that research is pairing new platforms, accessories and technology with apps and explores the research potential of a super-connected world.



Professor Russell Beale

Professor of Human-Computer Interaction 

University of Birmingham

Dr John Vines

Google Glass for people with Parkinsons

[presentation download]

Lecturer in the School of Computing Science

Newcastle University


Mike Crooks

[presentation download]

Director of MiBeacons



Stewart Jordan

Peek app


Peek Vision


Jamyn Edis (via Skype)

Founder/CEO Dash Labs Inc

and Adjunct Assistant Professor

New York University Stern School of Business


Closing session: shaping the Mobile Apps in Research Summit 2015