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Live, Work & Travel Abroad - CI Summer 2018

City-Internships (CI) is a not-for-profit accelerated learning provider offering immersive, in-person programs that combine practical work experience-based training with cohort-based career workshops and seminars. This year’s CI Summer 2018 offers opportunities for students to intern, learn and grow in the global city, with 3 programs, 18 cities and 9 industries to choose from. There are limited places remaining for Summer 2018, also CI is pleased to announce that a substantial gift from a CI alumnus to be awarded to students enrolling from 4th May 2018 onwards, each student will enjoy a reduction in the enrolment fee from $450 to $200 USD (roughly 150 GBP).

Places remaining for Summer 2018:

A limited number of additional places are available on our London, New York and Los Angeles summer programs:

  • Global Explorer Program, New York – Mon June 11th to Fri August 3rd (8 weeks). *18 places remaining*
  • Global Explorer Program, London – Mon June 18th to Fri August 10th (8 weeks). *14 places remaining*
  • Global Explorer Program, LA – Mon June 25th to Fri August 17th (8 weeks). *22 places remaining*

To apply, students may visit

To learn about the programme in detail:

Innovation Team features in Arts & Science Festival with virtual reality art 

The IT Innovation team held the ‘Art & Technology’ workshop at the Arts & Science Festival on Friday 16th March 2018. Over the past decade, new technologies have had a revolutionary impact on our ability to create art. No longer bound by the physical limitations of the gallery, technology has provided artists with new ways of expressing themselves, pushing the boundaries of creativity and sensory experience.

At the workshop, a short presentation was given on how art and technology coming together and the various formats of the new media art. IT Innovation team also gave demonstrations of new technology such as virtual reality, 3D scanning, gesture control and how these technologies are used in the art creation. The workshop was very well received by the attendees. See some of the photos took on the day by the Greg Milner Photography.

 Image credit Greg Milner Photography

 Image credit Greg Milner Photography 1

ITIC on BBC Midlands Today - Gesture Controlled Technology Meets the Arts

IT Innovation Centre featured on BBC Midlands Today. Dr Sean Duffy, Director of IT Services, together with the IT Innovation Team was interviewed for the programme to explain how Gesture Controlled Technology can be used in the Arts.

See the video here:

Link to Flickr page: Making of "Director of IT Services Interview for BBC Midlands Today".