What we do

The IT Innovation Centre is part of IT Services. We are a prototyping centre for the identification and evaluation of emerging technologies. Our aim is to identify innovative uses of new technologies to improve business processes as well as research, teaching and learning in the university. Examples of technologies that we are interested in include mobile: mobile app development, mobile learning, drones, cloud, cybersecurity, augmented reality, big data, social media, artificial intelligence, etc.

We also foster a community of innovators that includes students, academics and professionals from all over the university. If you are a student or a member of staff with an idea which involves a new piece of technology that you would like to explore or if you need advice on how to use a new tool for your project, come and talk to us.

Our main goals include:

  • Ideas management: nurturing and managing the ideation lifecycle from ideation to exploitation.
  • Horizon scanning: acting as an observatory for emerging trends.
  • Prototyping and evaluation: keeping an on-going programme of experiments to evaluate new technologies.
  • Creating and fostering a community of innovators:  engaging with students, academics, researchers and professionals within the University and externally to offer advice and support to their projects.
  • Delivering cutting-edge innovation events such as the Student Mobile App Competition, the Mobile Apps Research Summit and a wide range of innovation driven seminars, workshops and clinics.


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