Researchers: you said, we did

IT Services takes your feedback seriously. We are introducing a number of changes following PGR feedback about our computing resources and facilities:

You said: we need easy access to MatLab software

We did: We now have a MatLab site licence in place which is available to all staff and students through the IT Services MySoftware pages.

The software and associated toolboxes can be downloaded by staff and students for use both on and off campus. The licence covers both work and personally owned computers.

You said: we need a virtual private network (VPN) facility

We did: We are in the process of implementing a new VPN service and expect to release it by June 2017. 

You said: we need improved wireless on campus

We did: We continue to spend considerable sums on improving this service.

We have engaged an external contractor to survey those buildings with wireless coverage issues and to make recommendations on how to improve the service.

We are meeting with competing vendors to ensure that we are working with the best wireless provider.

You said: we need easier application installation and better administration rights

We did: In August 2016 we relaunched the new Application Catalogue for software installation on Windows devices managed by IT Services.

Users can install many commonly used applications directly from the Application Catalogue. We are also continually increasing the number of available applications.

We have an approval mechanism to grant administrative rights - via an IT Service Desk request.

You said: we need more email storage space

We did: The exceptions process for an increase in mailbox size (via the IT Service Desk) is in place as an interim measure.

This is one of our top priorities for 2017 and we expect to be able to take significant steps toward improving your experience.


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