Welcome to the new look University intranet


You may have noticed that the University of Birmingham intranet has had a facelift.

We've made changes to the intranet to freshen up the way that it looks and - most importantly - to make it much easier to use on mobile and other handheld devices. Pages are presented 'responsively' according to the width of your browser, ending the need to zoom in and out constantly.

The changes see our intranet pages get a fresh design that shares more in common the main University website, while still being the primary online place for online information for University of Birmingham students and staff.

You are still able to find the same useful information tailored for students and staff, as well as organised by college or professional service. And we'll continue to deliver content to you that is publically-available as far as possible, while still ensuring that university-, college- or department-specific content is protected appropriately.

Finding your way around

Here are some tips for getting started with the new look intranet:

Search - use the magnifying glass icon top right to search the intranet.

Quick access to student or staff services - There are quick links to the student and staff landing pages at the top of every page. These landing pages provide a gateway to many essential services for all staff or students.

Quick access to college or professional service areas - There are quick links to the 5 college intranets and 10 professional services intranets in the grey accordions near the foot of every page.

Login - select the Login link top right to access protected content for staff or students only

Home - select the University of Birmingham logo top left to get back to the main intranet homepage


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