Change to University email display names

Important changes to the way staff and student names are displayed in Microsoft Outlook and other email clients

IT Services are introducing a change to the way that names are displayed in Outlook and other email clients at the University. The change will make it easier to identify and select the correct email address from the University’s Global Address list. 

What is changing?

From 4th June, work will begin to modify all names listed in the University's Global Address list.  Email display names will be modified to also include the person's department in brackets. At present, this additional information is only usually displayed where two people share the same name. After the change, all names displayed within Outlook and other email clients will include this information.

For example;

Instead of Barney Mayerson

As a display name in Outlook you will see

Barney Mayerson (School of Psychology)

Will this apply to emails sent outside the University?

The change to the display name will only apply to emails sent within the University.  The additional information will be removed from the display name in messages that are sent to anyone outside of the University.

Why is it necessary to make these changes?

With the introduction of GDPR, the University has a responsibility to ensure that that all confidential data that is shared between individuals is secure. There have been a number of serious incidents of sensitive information being sent to the wrong recipients who were not entitled to view it and had recieved it in error.  In the majority of these cases, an email was sent accidentally to someone who had the same or a similar sounding name to the intended recipient. 

ISMG, the University's information goverance group, have requested this change in order to make it easier to identify the correct email recipient and reduce the risk of these mistakes happening again.


More information about the change can be found on the IT Service Desk website here. If you have any further questions regarding the change, contact Chris Bayliss   


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