New Remote Access Service for University staff and postgraduate researchers

From 30th January, University staff and postgraduate researchers will be able to register for a new secure and simple to use Remote Access Service which will allow you to do your work and access your University data and applications from wherever you are. 

Which services will I be able to access remotely?

The new Remote Access Service allows you to easily connect to either a client or a secure website which will provide everyone with access to a Remote Desktop (Microsoft Office and your network folders) and a range of other University applications.

How do I access the remote service?

You will be able to register for the Remote Access Service on the IT Service Desk website from 30th January. To register, just click on the ‘Make a Request’ menu option on the left hand side, select ‘Register for the Remote Access Service’ and then follow the on-screen instructions.

For additional security we are making  use of Two Factor Authentication. Whenever you log in from off campus, the new remote service will require a unique passcode in addition to your University username and password. This authentication code is generated by an application such as Google Authenticator which you will need to download to your smartphone.

If you already use the ISVPN (Virtual Private Network) to access your files and applications remotely you can register to use the new service instead. 

What do I need to use the Remote Access Service?

You can access the service from your University laptop or from your own device running Windows, MacOS or Linux. However, please be aware that some applications may not be available for Linux users.

More information can be found on the IT Service Desk website: Remote Access Service: Introduction (KB13628)


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