Panopto mandatory upgrade

If you have Panopto installed on your device then you will need to manually upgrade this to version 7.1 or above before Friday, 17 July. After this date, older versions of Panopto will not be supported.


How do I know which version I have?

To check which version of Panopto you have installed, launch and log into Panopto, click the settings cog in the bar at the top - you will find the version number in the bottom right hand corner.

upgrade panopto 

How do I upgrade Panopto?

If you are using a University owned laptop then you can upgrade Panopto to version 7.1 through the Software Centre which you can access on your laptop via the Remote Access VPN.

If you are using Panopto on your own personal device then you can download the latest version of the software via the Panopto website


If you have any questions about the upgrade please contact the IT Service Desk.


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