Simplifying the way you logon to University services

On Wednesday, 16 September, we are making a change to simplify the way that you logon to a number of University services.

You may be familiar with the logon process for Microsoft 365 and other related Microsoft products, and we are bringing this experience to all University services that currently use Shibboleth to sign in including: 

    • Canvas
    • Core
      • Fusion
      • Taleo
      • PBCS
    • Verify
    • Library
      • FindIT
      • Alma
    • Hobsons
    • eData
    • eTheses
    • EZProxy
    • Worktribe
    • Target Connect
    • BIIS
    • Stag Overleaf
    • Research Professional
    • VPP
    • Dubai Student Association
    • PebblePad
    • Placements
    • Scientia Publish
    • eOPAS
    • UKFederated Services - Including
      • Research and Scholarship
      • Globus

This new experience looks a little fresher and you will need to enter your University email address instead of your username whenever you logon to an associated service.

New logon screen for University services

The upside of this is that once you’ve signed in to one system, you’re automatically signed in to other enabled services for up to 14 days whilst on the same device.

As an added bonus, you will now also be able to use your email address to logon to Eduroam WiFi to provide a more seamless experience when working on WiFi both on our Campuses as well as when visiting other institutions that support Eduroam. 


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