Laptop for Sierra Leone school

Back in June 2021, IT Services was approached by Professor Celia Greenway, Director of Student Engagement, to see if we could source a laptop for donation to a school in Sierra Leone. One of the University's PhD students, Andrea Davis, is doing research work in the school, based in a low-income area in Northern Freetown. Their sole school laptop had been stolen, leaving them faced with using a smartphone as their school projector. 

The loss of the laptop was devastating for the school; it's severely underfunded, due to government corruption. The school survives entirely on school fees - although they don't turn away children who can't afford the fees - and funds raised from within the community. It was founded in 2001 by a local pastor, as the local government school was overcrowded and unsafe for many children - life-threatening in some cases. The government weren't willing to improve the situation, so the pastor stepped in to fill the need for safe education. Most of the teachers have been there for many years and have no intention of leaving, as they love the strong sense of community within the school. 

Cathie Dingwall, Deputy Head of Service Management, donated an old personal laptop that she no longer needed; Nic Doran, Head of End User Services, located a charger for the laptop, and made sure it was completely wiped of data. Tara Lampough, Head of Business Partnering, organised it all and presented the laptop to Professor Greenway in July. 

You have no idea how much it means to the school to not only have a laptop, but one in such great condition. It goes beyond just helping me complete my thesis... It means that the teachers have increased access to information and resources to help their students, connect with other teachers to share information, and even build their own skills.

I honestly can’t thank you enough, and neither can the school’s founder. He asks that I pass on his thanks, and he says: “May God bless you and the University in Jesus mighty name.”

- Andrea Davis

IT Services is delighted to have been able to help. Together, we're making IT happen. 


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