New Guest WiFi service: We need your help

We’d like your help in testing the University’s new guest WiFi service

We are launching a new campus guest WiFi service which will improve the existing service and provide a better wireless internet experience for guests and external visitors to the University. We would really like your help in testing the new service. 

How can I help?

Before we release the new guest WiFi service to the University we plan to run a short pilot across campus. The aim of the pilot will be to test the usability, functionality and performance of the new service. The pilot will begin on Thursday, 28 January. 

We appreciate that at this time many of you will not be working on campus full time, if at all. However, if you are working on campus then we would really like your help to test the service by registering and connecting to the new Guest WiFi on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet and sending us your feedback. If during this pilot period you are expecting visitors to the University we would be grateful if you could also ask them to connect to the guest service. 

How do I connect to the new guest WiFi?

In the available networks list on your mobile device or laptop look for the service set identifier (SSID) UoBGuestBETA. This will be displayed in addition to the existing guest service WiFiGuest

Registering and connecting to the new Guest WiFi service is really straight forward but you can find full instructions on how do this in Knowledge Base Article KB14144

How do I provide feedback?

We have created a short online survey that should take no longer than a couple of minutes to complete. Once you have registered and accessed the guest WiFi we would be grateful if you could complete the survey. 

You can access the survey online at 


If you have any questions regarding the new guest WiFi service, please contact the project team by emailing


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