New guest WiFi service on campus

New guest service will provide a better wireless experience for visitors to the University

As part of our continued work to improve the University’s wireless network we are launching a new guest WiFi service for campus at the end of June. 

UoBGuestWiFi is a new free public access network that will provide guests and visitors to the University with easy access to the campus WiFi. The new service will replace the old WiFiGuest network which is supplied by BskyB. Visitors to the University will not be able to use WiFiGuest after the end of June and will need to use the new service.   

The new guest WiFi service is supplied and fully supported by IT Services. It uses the main campus Aruba wireless network and will provide a much better WiFi experience for guests and visitors to the University.  

To access the internet through the service guests will need to register first. Registration lasts for 12 hours after which time guests will need to re-register when they connect again. 

For guidance on how to use UoBGuestWiFi visit our Knowledge Base article KB14144 which provides a detailed walkthrough of how to connect and register for the service.


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