New mind mapping software available for University staff and students

As part of our digital strategy to support our global community, we’ve made available a new mind mapping software package called MindGenius for all staff and students to use. MindGenius replaces the MindManager software and can be downloaded from the Software Centre and MySoftware for personal devices. It will also be available on student cluster PCs from the end of January. 

MindGenius is approved by the British Dyslexia Association and provides remarkable flexibility in how you visualise and organise your ideas and information. The mind mapping software gives you freedom to customise the structure, shapes, and colours of your mind maps allowing you to bring your information to life, as well as being able to plan everything and anything you want with ease. 

The software has a number of practical uses designed for all staff and students at the University including project management, event organising, note taking and essay planning. You can export to Microsoft Office documents, so once you have created your map you can export it to Word or PowerPoint. You even have the option of transforming your map into a Gantt Chart for project management. You can attach web links, documents, images and notes to your map in order to keep valuable resources in one place. 

View this video for a brief overview of the software. 

A web version of the software will also be available soon for Mac users and teams that want to collaborate on team projects. 

MindGenius is available to download now from the Software Centre and MySoftware for personal devices.

Importing MindManager files into MindGenius

MindGenius replaces the University’s current provision MindManager which no longer offers a site license. If you previously used MindManager then MindGenius is capable of importing any MindManager files with the .mmap extension. In some cases, maps saved in MindManager can have a different extension depending on the version used to save the file. If your file has a .mmat or .xml extension this is likely to be the reason why MindGenius isn’t able to import the file. In order to import the file in to MindGenius, open the file in MindManager and re-save it using the .mmap extension.

 MindGenius is able to import MindManager maps created in MindManager version 7 and upwards. MindManager 6 and earlier maps are not supported.


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