We're removing unlicensed versions of Oracle Java from University PCs and laptops

In January 2019, Oracle changed the licensing of Java on computers which means the software is no longer free. Oracle Java is a software programming language and there are some applications and websites that will not work unless you have Java installed on your device.

Some University applications will still require Oracle Java to be installed in order to run and we have purchased licenses for those devices where we have identified this to be necessary. We have also identified a number of devices across the University where an unlicensed version of Oracle Java is installed but is not being used to run University applications. We will begin to remove the software from these devices so that the University does not incur any additional license fees.

How will this impact me?

Oracle Java will only be allowed to be installed on a device running the following software:

  • Mimsy
  • Oracle WCC/BOXI
  • JDeveloper/SQLDeveloper/SQLcl
  • Guild CCTV/Legacy Cisco Switches
  • AltaHR
  • RAS

If you do not use any of the following applications then Oracle Java will be removed from your device.

When is this change happening?

Unlicensed installations of Oracle Java will be removed from devices on Monday, 11 October from 8.00am.

What if I still need Java?

If you use another application that requires Java to run, and which is not listed above, then we have made an Open-Source version of the Java software available to download from the Software Centre. The software is called Eclipse Temurin JDK and JRE. You should check to see if your application will run under this Open Source version.

If you believe your application is licensed to install the Oracle version of Java then please complete the request software form to ensure it doesn’t automatically get removed again. You will need to include the name of your PC or laptop. You can find instructions on how to find this information here. You’ll also need to provide necessary information to prove that the software is licensed for use to satisfy the request.


Further information about this Change can be found in our Knowledge Base article KB15793. If you have any further questions please contact the IT Service Desk.


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