New document templates

The Project Office has introduced new project processes and documents for use in projects throughout IT Services. If your project has an IT element to it requiring IT Services resource, please use the template Gate documents below.  These are also available on the IT Projects and Demand SharePoint site (ITS staff only):

If your project does not have an IT element to it, you may find the documents below helpful.  These Project Management documents are designed to assist Project Managers and those involved in project work with the planning and implementation of their projects.  Please note these templates are no longer updated by the Project Office.

Initiating a project

Implementing a project

Closing a project

Post project


Version Control

Project documentation should have version control, whereby initial discussion documents will be assigned v0.1 (draft) and subsequent versions v0.2, v0.3 etc. Once the author is happy with the document, it is circulated to all interested parties for comment and then sent to the Project Board and relevant Authority Group for approval.

Once approved, the version number changes to v1.0, and in the case of the Project Initiation Document (PID), the document is fixed and cannot be altered unless a change request is raised and subsequently authorised by the Project Manager and Project Board/Authority Group. All other project documents should be reviewed regularly and updated when necessary, and their version number should be updated accordingly to reflect this e.g. v1.2, v1.3 etc.


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