As a team we have a lot of experience working on projects. Our Project Toolkits are designed as an extension to the Project Office handbook and will help you think about how to develop specific areas of your project.

The following toolkits are available on request:

  • Project Processes Overview - This document is your one-stop guide to all of the new project processes being implemented by the Project Office
  • Business Case - Every project should have a business case justifying the need for the project, which is used to gain approval for the project before it can commence. This toolkit explains what a business case is and provides tips on how to write one
  • Change Management - This toolkit provides tips on how to manage change within your project
  • Planning your Project - The project plan should be developed during the initiation stage. This toolkit provides advice and guidance about what to think about when planning your project
  • Managing Risk - This toolkit has been designed to help you identify and manage risks on your project and understand the process and reason for doing risk management

These toolkits are designed to help you, so please let us know what you think of them and any suggestions for future topics:


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