IT Service Standards

IT Services provides a broad range of services, including fixing IT problems when they occur, fulfilling requests for access or equipment, or answering general queries about IT technology. To help us manage and prioritise this work we have adopted a common set of processes and procedures based on the industry best practice framework, ITIL. 

Whether logging a support call with the IT Service Desk in person, on the phone or through our recently redesigned online service portal you can expect the same high levels of service. 

If you would like to provide feedback on our service standards or anything else, please visit our feedback page. 

Current service standards and performance

Fix standard

85% of incidents resolved within five working days of being logged

To help us achieve this target, users should: 

  • Attempt any reasonable steps required to help diagnose or fix an issue. This may include self-service documentation. 
  • Provide current and accurate information on the nature of faults and their symptoms. 
  • Advise the IT Service Desk of the impact of problems and update us if the situation changes.
Fix standard performance
Month  Performance 
 Nov -2019  81%
 Dec - 2019  80%
 Jan - 2020  84%
 Feb - 2020  81%
 Mar - 2020  88%
 Apr - 2020  80%
 May - 2020  83%

Customer satisfaction standard

85% of survey respondents rate their overall experience as 'Good' or 'Excellent'

When an incident is closed, we email all users a short survey asking how their experience has lived up to their expectations. We aim for most respondents to score us either “4 – Good” or “5 – Excellent”. 

We also ask other questions to help us improve specific aspects of our service.

Customer satisfaction standard performance
 Month Performance
Aug - 2019 81%
Sep - 2019 80%
Oct - 2020 79%
Nov - 2019 86%
Dec - 2019 86%
Jan - 2020 91%
Feb - 2020 89%
Mar - 2020 90%
Apr - 2020 90%
May - 2020 91%

First time fix standard

70% of issues reported to IT Services are fixed by the first team to investigate the issue

Whenever you contact the IT Service Desk we aim to connect you to a team that can resolve your issue in the shortest time possible. When this is successful faults are resolved faster, and at a lower cost to the University. 

To help us achieve this target, users should: 

  • Search the IT Service Desk portal for the issue you are having – many common issues have solutions available or can be reported directly to a team that can fix the issue for you. 
  • Provide as much relevant information as possible when logging issues.
First time fix standard performance
 Month Performance
Aug - 2019 74%
Sep - 2019 78%
Oct - 2019 71%
Nov - 2019 68%
Dec - 2019 68%
Jan - 2020 72%
Feb - 2020 71%
Mar - 2020 70%
Apr - 2020 59%
May - 2020 63%



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