Business Partnering - 365 Pilot

Author: Tara Lamplough

The Business Partnering team works closely with the colleagues in IT Services and Professional Services in the identification and implementation of new IT systems and services. The team takes an active lead acting as the initial contact for the scoping, realisation and delivery of new projects and services.

How is your team using 365? 

We have one Team and five channels set up. This means we can target communications at the relevant members of the team (via a channel) but we keep things open so that everyone can see the conversations going on in the wider team. This enables us to easily spot how activities may be related and identify common goals/activities to work on across the wider team. 

Conversations include: notes from meetings; links to interesting articles; requests for input into ideas/documents; questions for the team. 

I have added my “to do” list to Planner in one of the channels so the team can see what I’m intending to work on and when. 

We also have several shared wiki pages under each channel where we are collaborating on ideas together. 

How have office 365 applications changed the way you work? 

I find I’m using Chat more regularly than I used Skype for quick queries as I know the message will remain even if the user has logged off their computer. 

As a team, we’ve already collaborated on documents at the same time which is a great improvement over SharePoint where we had to wait for someone to check the document back in. 

The biggest change is via Teams where it’s now easy to share quick notes and ideas for discussion/exploration when people have free-time without feeling like you’re clogging up someone’s inbox. 

Does 365 provide future opportunities? 

There is great potential for Office 365 to change how the University collaborates and to make that collaboration much more effective and efficient. A lot of time is wasted at the University due to a lack of communication over priorities/objectives and anything that can improve transparency and openness is useful in improving our productivity. 


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