Outlook on the web

Microsoft Outlook on the web logoOutlook on the web is the new version of the Outlook Web App you may have previously used to access your University email in your browser

Outlook on the web is part of the Office 365 online suite of tools and is available for University staff and postgraduate researchers. You can still view your email through Outlook on your desktop computer as normal. Outlook on the web gives you the freedom of viewing your email online, which is especially useful when using a mobile device or a computer without Outlook installed.


  • Platform specific experience for phones for both iOS and Android
  • Email improvements, including a new single-line view of the Inbox with an optimised reading pane and the ablity to undo mailbox actions like deleting a message or moving a message
  • Undo sending, cancel an email you have sent up to 30 seconds afterwards
  • Add shared mailboxes to the left hand side so you don't have to switch between them
  • Link preview enables you to paste a link to messages, Outlook on the web automatically generates a rich preview to give recipients a peek into the contents of the destination
  • Pins and flags which allow you to keep essential emails at the top of your mailbox (pins) and mark others for follow-up (flags). Pins are now folder specific, great for anyone who uses folders to organise their email. Quickly find and manage flagged items with inbox filters
  • Calendar improvements mean you can now see multiple calendars in a merged view with colour coded entries. The month view now includes an agenda for a selected day, providing you with helpful information to review your day's activities. You can also click on a calendar item to view a pop-up of the item's details, accept or decline meetings or join a meeting if a link is supplied

How do I use it?

 In your web browser enter mail.bham.ac.uk and sign in using your University username and password.

Do you need help?

The IT Service Desk website has a number of Knowledge Base articles to help you use Outlook on the web.

How to use a web browser to acess your University email
Recovering deleted emails
Adding a signature
Automatic replies (out of office)
Manually adding/opening additional mailboxes
Viewing email headers
Accessing public folders/calendars
Finding large emails

Further help

If you have any further questions or experience any problems with Outlook on the web then contact the IT Service Desk. 



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