Password manager apps

Keeping track of all your different passwords can be a real challenge and it is often tempting to reuse the same password for different applications. 

However, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT reuse the same passwords.

So how do you manage all of the numerous passwords you need to remember in your daily life?

Password Managers

Password managers are websites or applications that help you generate unique and strong passwords, store them all in one secure (encrypted) place, and use them across multiple accounts while only needing to remember one master password.


  • You only need to remember your master password for the password manager to access your other credentials

  • You can have a unique password for every single website, service or system. If there are problems with passwords being compromised on a site you use, you won't have to change your password everywhere else
  • You will no longer need to think of new passwords. Password managers can generate and store new passwords for you
  • You can set password managers to fill in usernames, passwords and online forms for you


The biggest disadvantage to using a password manager is if you forget your master password. No one, not even the software vendor, will be able to recover your master password should you forget it, meaning you would have to reset the password on all sites/areas you used the password manager to store. 

When creating your master password consider a 'passphrase' rather than simply a password. Such a phrase should be relatively long - at least 16 characters or more. This should consist of seemingly random words strung together. Numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters can make the passphrase stronger but over-complicated passwords can be difficult to remember. If two-factor authentification is available, we recommend that you use it. .

Recommended password managers

Available for Mac, Windows, Linux and most mobile devices. FREE

Available for Mac, Windows, Linux and most mobile devices. FREE

Available for most operating systems and mobile devices. FREE for the app but there is a charge to install the app on more than one type of device

Available for Mac osx, Windows, iOS and Android. There is a charge after the 30 day free trial 



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