Remote Access Service

University staff and postgraduate researchers can register for a secure and simple to use Remote Access Service which will allow you to do your work and access your University data and applications from wherever you are

The Remote Access Service uses a virtual private network (VPN) to allow you to connect securely to the campus network over the internet. The VPN will allow you to access things such as network resources, and internal University websites that you otherwise wouldn't be able to use when off-campus.

In addition to requiring your username and password, the Remote Access Service uses Two-factor Authentication (2FA) to connect from off-campus. 2FA requires you to use an app on your smartphone to generate a 6 digit code which changes every 30 seconds. This increases security, and allows us to offer services via remote access that would not have been available previously.

Where can you get more information?

The IT Service Desk website has a number of knowledge base articles on the various features of the Remote Access Service, including advice on how to set it up. To get started see KB13628



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