September 2019 - Contensis software update

Here's a summary of the features and fixes included in the September 2019 Contensis software update.  


  • Updates to heading styles on controls for accessibility
    Heading styles have been updated to ensure these appear in sequential order on the following controls and templates: News listing, events listing, staff listing, research secondary nav, accordions on course page template
  • Course template alt text for accessibility
    Icons have blank alt text, while template level images (e.g. TEF logo) have descriptive text
  • Contensis form updates for accessibility
    Forms now have focus and can be used with just a keyboard. To use the accessible version of the form, change your form theme to 'none'. We will delete the inaccessible styling ('simple') in a future software release. 
  • International entry requirements
    The international entry requirements drop down can now be removed via the course template for individual courses. This should be used for courses that don't accept applications from international students. If appropriate, you can also choose to replace this with a link to a separate page which lists the international entry requirements for that course. 
  • Research image promos and research text promos
    These controls can now function with just two items per line, and will automatically resize depending on the number of items used
  • Research page template header
    There is now the option of using a light gradient with a dark overlaid title on theheader of the Research Page template
  • PGR courses
    Additional segmentation so that we can have different links in the fact file for PGR and PGT courses on the new course page template
  • Video on the news template
    There is now the option to add a video to news items (within the 'metadata' section of the Contensis news template)
  • Unistats widget on course pages
    This widget has now been updated in line with new guidance from OfS. This can be edited via localisation across all UG courses.

Bug fixes

  • Student life tab on PG courses
    This has been removed from appearing on live PG courses where there is no content
  • Thumbnail on YouTube videos
    This is now displayed at normal resolution when videos are used in accordions (for example, on the staff profile template)
  • Research secondary nav
    Issues have been fixed on mobile and Safari
  • A-Z on course search
    This has been reinstated
  • Typo on PG courses (currently in preview)
    'Requirements' has been corrected on the entry requirements tab


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