Web governance

There are various groups that are involved in the governance and management of the University's websites:

Web and Mobile Services Application Programme Board (WSAP)

Scope and Purpose

To review all projects, potential projects, gateway documents and initiatives that relate to the academic and business solutions projects within the web and mobile applications portfolio.


  • To support the initiatives of the Digital Services Portfolio Board,
  • To monitor the achievement of the Web and Mobile Programme,
  • To oversee all projects in its remit and form the escalation point for those projects,
  • Measure and review benefits of completed projects,
  • Approve those gateway documents, including work packages and change requests within its remit that comply with digital strategy, standards and policies,
  • Assign relative priorities to all items in its remit based on their strategic and operational importance, resourcing constraints and dependencies, and update previously set priorities where appropriate,
  • Recommend strategic web and mobile services application requirements,
  • Develop future web and mobile services targets and strategies to inform wider University and ITS strategies,
  • Assign priorities for future web and mobile expenditure plans,
  • Report progress to Business Systems Committee.

Web Operations Team (WOT)

Scope and Purpose

To review and prioritise work on submitted defects and enhancements, manage operational issues and make recommendations to the Programme Board about operational priorities and possible future projects across web and mobile activities, including the University websites (www.birmingham.ac.uk and intranet.birmingham.ac.uk), WordPress (blog.bham.ac.uk and more.bham.ac.uk), mobile apps, and bespoke web application development.

In addition, to provide a place for lead web professionals to discuss and coordinate the delivery of central and college-wide web content projects and developments.


  • To advise and support the Web and Mobile Applications Programme Board,
  • To monitor and prioritise operational activity as required,
  • Consider new defects and enhancement proposals and prioritise their importance. Priorities to be submitted to programme board for levelling as required.
  • To provide a forum for advice and best practice for web leads,
  • Periodically review and assign relative priorities to all enhancement items in its remit based on their strategic and operational importance,
  • Escalate issues as appropriate (i.e. particularly those requiring a strategic response) to programme board,
  • Debate and draft proposed revisions to existing policies and services for presentation to, and sign off by, the Web and Mobile Applications Programme Board.


Professional Services