my.bham - student and staff portal

my.bham logoThe University of Birmingham Portal – – is the place to find the online information and services that are appropriate to you in your role at Birmingham.

It is a tailored web environment available to all those who study, conduct research, or work at the University.

my.bham is a password-protected area of the University’s online presence. It offers security for personal information, as well as a single-entry point to online information and data that is hosted in different applications and sites - saving you from having to remember lots of different passwords and web addresses. 

Each person that logs into my.bham gains access to content that is appropriate for their role – whether as a student or as a member of staff.

Accessing my.bham

 Login to my.bham 

You will need a University of Birmingham account to login to my.bham. New students and staff should automatically get accounts when you join the University. 

Problems accessing my.bham?

If you have a University account and cannot login, consider the following:

Using my.bham on a public computer?

If you are using my.bham on a public computer, such as a PC in a campus cluster room, please remember to logout from my.bham and your email service at the end of your session and close all browser windows.  

Staff who support students

Are you a member of staff supporting students to access online services? There is a Digital Services for Students section of the intranet, to which students should be directed as the starting point for accessing online services.


Professional Services