Tara Lamplough


Commercial Development Team Leader

Application Services

Contact details

Introductory Statement

I am the Commercial Development Team Leader within Application Services. I have direct managerial responsibility for five developers who work on developing commercial systems the University has purchased. 

In particular developments in the following areas:

  • Website
  • Intranet
  • Contensis Content Management System
  • UoB mobile apps
  • Other internally developed mobile applications eg. Media experts app
  • Enterprise search (website)
  • Library
  • Portal

Recent projects:

  • Responsive website redesign
  • UoB mobile apps
  • SharePoint Team Sites 
  • University School website
  • Exam paper to script project
  • Student Hub interfaces

Previous projects:

I am a member of the following governance groups:

  • Web Strategy Group
  • Web Action Group
  • Intranet Action Group
  • University Mobile Steering Group


I studied for my Biochemistry (BSc) degree in Manchester but soon realised it wasn't a career route I wanted to pursue. Luckily in my first 'proper' job with the Institute of Logistics and Transport I was given a role which provided experience in many areas including marketing, PR, printed media and the web. As I found the web part of the job the most enjoyable, I moved to Birmingham to make that my full-time occupation. I have now been working on the University website for over 10 years. It sounds like a long time but there is always a rebranding exercise, a new CMS, a department restructure or another challenge on the horizon to keep it interesting.

I can also be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.